Managing BPD – How Difficult is It?

Managing BPD can sometimes feel like running in circles. It’s impossible to determine how much you can do when it comes to controlling your emotions and feelings of self-worth. While there is a common misconception that people with BPD have a personality disorder, the reality is they are normal human beings just like us. The only difference is they tend to have a difficult time managing their emotions affect their life in a negative way.

Managing BPD can be done through self-awareness and mindfulness. Mindfulness has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety levels, while reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety. If you suffer from BPD, you should consider learning some forms of meditation and mindfulness practices. Here are some simple methods that will help you manage your feelings of self-worth, anger, and frustration.

First, when you’re managing BPD, you should learn to observe your thoughts and responses. Most people have a tendency to react emotionally when they think about certain negative thoughts or scenarios. For instance, if you tell yourself “I will never find true love,” this will definitely create a mental image of you as a loser. However, if you respond by telling yourself that you are a confident person with good prospects and a great job outlook, this gives you a different view on the situation and will make it easier to manage your feelings of inadequacy. By simply changing your reaction to your thoughts, you can effectively reduce the impact of negative self-talk in your life.

Second, you should learn to focus your attention when you’re having a negative thought or feeling. When you center your mind on something, you can divert your attention away from the thoughts and focus on an object, sound, or color. This is similar to yoga in which you use the colors and sounds around you as a means of focusing your mind. However, if you are unable to locate a suitable object in your home, you can easily focus your attention on a nearby tree or flower. However, for people who are not able to find any object nearby, they can also employ mindfulness meditation to divert their attention.

Third, when you’re dealing with negative emotions such as anger, you should understand that these emotions come as a result of your unhealthy coping mechanism to repress your feelings. If you can change this, you’ll be able to effectively manage your BPD. Instead of suppressing your emotions, you should express them and deal with them in a more healthy and appropriate way. You can do this by engaging in meditation, writing, painting, or listening to music.

Lastly, when you are managing BPD, you should try to accept help from friends and family members whenever you need them. Getting support from others can help you feel less alone in dealing with your BPD. Managing BPD is a challenge but with the right attitude and tools, it can be done. All you need to do is to practice patience and be kind to yourself. It will certainly pay off.