How Does Dyslexia Impact On A Child?

How does dyslexia impact on a child’s learning? That is the question that is asked most often by parents who have a child who is suffering from this condition. The answer to the question is quite astounding; it can actually impact a child’s learning in more ways than one. Here is how dyslexia impacts on your child’s learning:

A. The most common effect of dyslexia is poor reading ability. Because a child has a difficulty in reading, they are very less likely to catch the importance of words, letters, and phrases. A child with dyslexia will have a hard time understanding what is being read. Children with this condition will usually have problems in understanding and retaining information. When the child is aware of the inability to understand what is being read, this will further hinder their ability to retain the material.

B. Poor reading ability is oftentimes accompanied by poor verbal skills. Most parents are surprised to find out that their child has a hard time being understood by others. Because of poor verbal skills, the child is not given the opportunity to participate in conversations. They are often seen as silent or quiet, even when their words are much more articulate than the other people present in the classroom.

C. How does dyslexia impact on a child’s learning ability is also affected by their memory. A person who is dyslexic will have a hard time remembering things. This makes it difficult for the person to learn new things. Their memory is not what they should be relying on, and they do not even grasp the concept of time. Since their brain is unable to process information quickly, they are at a disadvantage when they begin school.

D. How does dyslexia impact on a child’s self-esteem? When a child is struggling with reading and spelling, they may feel less confident about themselves and may develop some negative self-talk. The constant struggle is not good for a child to be going through, and they could become depressed. Their self-esteem could even plummet, which would only serve as an excuse for them to continue their downward spiral.

E. How does dyslexia impact on a child’s physical development? As the child progresses from being a child to a teenager, the child’s brain continues to experience a lot of new things. They are not always able to retain all of the new facts, so their memory becomes fuzzy and they do not always pay attention to details.

F. How does dyslexia impact on a child’s emotional development? If a child is suffering from dyslexia, they may find it extremely difficult to form relationships and maintain stable friendships. This can cause them to become depressed, which could pave the way for some teenage problems. They may feel that the world is out to get them and so try to stay away from it. If the childs feels that they are inferior and are continually told that they are not as smart as other children, this can cause them to believe that they are not worthy to live up to their full potential and that they are somehow bad or defective.

G. How does dyslexia impact on a child’s physical development? If a child is suffering from dyslexia, they may have a very difficult time picking out clothes that fit well. They may also struggle to read in school and write correctly, which can have long-lasting impacts on their ability to read, write, and understand what is going on in the world around them. If you think that your child may be suffering from this devastating learning disability, you should try and attend Dyslexics Anonymous meetings and find out what they go through.